1. Leadership Master Class
The Leadership Master Class is designed to be the thought-process industry’s leading forum in hosting intimate, leadership-driven conversation across Nigeria.

Our industry specific and topical events are designed to connect Board Members, Chief Executives, Executive Management with experts who provide the latest, most effective leadership experiences; strategies; tools and techniques for doing business in today’s challenging world.

The Leadership Master Class is to provide an alternative to large expos and time-consuming conferences. The event will be half-day, free to attend by select career levels delegates, and follow the same proven format: quick-hitting expert presentations, followed by deep-dive roundtable discussions with the experts and other attendees, and culminating with a next-steps action plan by delegates.

2. Town Hall Meeting
The Centre would host seasonal town hall meetings to address timely socio-economic issues on the front burner of national and business industry in a bid to address the challenges.

3. National Leadership Index
CITC National Leadership Index would create an objective assessment and empirical analysis of the interplay of competencies, academic proficiency, experience, exposure, emotional intelligence and collaboration in delivering quality and globally acceptable best practices Leadership.

The major objective of the Index is to deploy data analysis utilizing acceptable parameters for comparative assessment of leadership delivery in terms of skills, competences, experience and exposure that can be brought to bear in delivering quality Leadership today and developing first class future leaders.

The Leadership Index would also highlight the various challenges confronting leadership, mitigating factors, thus proffering solutions to the Leadership Question within organizations, sectors and the national economy.

4. Internship       
The Centre will provide formal avenues for students to earn internships within public and private establishments. The students will be vetted using a merit based program open to students maintaining a high grade point average from partner University

5. Leadership Research & Development
The Centre would produce timely and issue-based papers, publications and releases based on research, survey & polls, interviews, expert analysis to highlight baselines and trends occurring within the leadership development sphere.